‘Here and There’ invited designers, story tellers, makers, researchers and educators to exchange information and expertise between artists, creators and producers from Holland and Thailand. Both countries are strongly inspired by traditional crafts, rituals, rich history, and natural resources, therefore the dialogue-based collaboration can open up access to materials, knowledge, and their meanings that have so far been overlooked.

With the change of perspective audience is invited to re-examine and re-explore past and present, culture and environment.





Projects by AtelierNL, Bora Hong, Lucas Maassen & Margriet Craens, Nanu Youttananukorn and WANDSCHAPPEN aim to open discussions on various Thailand specific topics.

To deliver the projects, designers closely collaborate with local partners, and they present their projects in a group exhibition as part of the international selection of Chiang Mai Design Week 2016.

Clay Service_Atelier NL©Tichelaar Makkum02.jpg

by Atelier NL

Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Ryswyck has an exceptional talent to emphasise the link between raw materials, their origins, and possible new functions. In their project Chiang Mai Vase they research what materials and craft techniques found in Chiang Mai can reveal about a place and how folklore can exist in our contemporary life. They visited several workshops and craftsmen in Chiang Mai region and asked them to make a vase inspired by the one they made in the Netherlands. The product translations are shown during Chiang Mai Design Week, 3–11th December at Thai Creative and Design Center (TCDC) main building.

287-137052_cosmetic surgery kingdom_no2.JPG

The Beauty of the Beauty Industry
by Bora Hong

During her stay in Thailand Bora Hong developed the project The Beauty of the Beauty Industry, where she observes the Korean and Western influenced Thai beauty culture and compares it design culture. It examines modification of our bodies as a misguided attempt to become younger and more beautiful, to ultimately achieve a better position within society. Likewise, designers are focused on making a ‘good design’, but what ‘being better’ means is also difficult to answer. Ultimately, Hong presents a series of objects and research results during Chiang Mai Design Week, 3–11th December at Thai Creative and Design Center (TCDC) main building.



As a part of ‘Here and There’ project, Nanu Youttananukorn build a bamboo installation in Thapae East - Venue for Creative Arts in Chiang Mai with the Nanu x Bamboo open bamboo joinery system, that requires little to no knowledge and only rely on simple tools such as drill and screw driver. The system consist of a set of angle pieces that when combined together the user can create their own structures for various purposes. Nanu x Bamboo system aims to utilise bamboo, a material with full of untapped potential for construction. The installation operates as a meeting point, a discussion space and open air cinema.



The process of research and making in the studio is essential for their work. For their project in Thailand, Wandschappen’s intention was to emphasise the sumptuous details of Thai textile crafts combined with Dutch design. They selected a typical plant in Thai landscape, the Puang Sad, or ‘orange trumpet’. Its shape, colour and climbing/hanging properties inspired the designers to develop a Silk-Wool Plant Collection for Chiang Mai Design Week in collaboration with Jim Thompson luxurious Thai silk company. Each plant exhibited during Chiang Mai Design Week, 3–11th December at Thai Creative and Design Center (TCDC) main building, is had dyed and sewed by local craftsmen.


The Elephant Factory
by Lucas Maassen AND Margriet Craens

The project starts from a fictional perspective: Is it possible to employ elephants and set up a factory to produce souvenirs with them? In a made-up story written by Margriet Craens, artists describe the factory and the role of the elephants and from this description Maassen and Craens distillated an imaginary factory and produced souvenir prototypes with the local ‘craftsmen’. The goal of the project is to use humour and imagination in order to open a discussion on elephant labour and raise awareness about Asian elephants. The prototypes are exhibited during Chiang Mai Design Week, 3–11th December at Thai Creative and Design Center (TCDC) main building.



Lucas Maassen & Margriet Craens, Atelier NL and WANDSCHAPPEN conducts workshops in oder to engage with the audience and share their knowledge.

Build tools for elephants, make an alternative map of Chiang Mai and create a special personal object for your home. 









& Designers

‘Here and There’ invited designers, story tellers, makers, researchers and educators to represent a new generation of Dutch design, which refers to born Dutch artists and international designers educated in the Netherlands, all with a strong curiosity for intercultural projects.



The work of Atelier NL translates the convergence of environment, history, and human experience into objects and systems that enrich everyday life. Atelier NL uses design as a method to reveal hidden information patterns and stories that lie beneath the mundane. By researching and rearranging what already exists, Atelier NL touches on what it means to be human in an ever-evolving world.



Artists Nicole Driessens & Ivo van den Baar founded Wandschappen in 1999 and since the beginning their products are strongly connected to handcraft mainly in techniques with textile, painting and photography. The best known collections are the Felt Plants, Felt Vases and Felt Wall Objects, and their objects are shown and sold worldwide.

bora hong

Bora Hong is a multidisciplinary designer who uses objects and installations as a tool to communicate with people. Her work is inspired by various social and personal issues can be found in different cultures. She is the director of ‘Here and There’ project and the curator of the ‘Here and There’ group exhibition at Thai Creative and Design Center (TCDC) main building.



Founder of Thonik design studio and former creative director of Design Academy Eindhoven.

Lucas maassen And margriet craens

Key to the work of Lucas Maassen and Margriet Craens is questioning the ordinary. In a highly playful manner, Maassen&Craens manipulates the parameters, personalities and manufacturing process of our regular objects. They disrobe their recognizable functionality into a fictional realm of characters and functions, for the sake of unveiling the object’s true nature and utilitarian potential.


nanu youttananukorn

Nanu Youttananukorn is a designer & maker. His work rooted in the relationship between systematic thinking, improvised action and nature of material. He is a versatile practitioner who believes in the potential to deliver a more conscious experience to the user.




Chiang Mai, Thailand


Chiang Mai is the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand. The city's traditional character has inspired many artists and designers to settle and work here, which created a unique atmosphere for the region. 

Chiang Mai Design Week is a yearly celebration and occasion for Chiang Mai’s designers, craftspeople, students, creative entrepreneurs, and businesspeople to showcase their new projects and innovations in design. It is also an open space for dialogue, meeting and celebration of the power of creative thinking and design. CMDW is a chance to engage with audiences, build collaborative networks, and create new business opportunities as well as to create an environment conducive for local creators and creative businesses.

The festival happens every year in a variety of districts and neighborhoods throughout the city of Chiang Mai. From the Chiang Mai Arts and Culture Center District, richly endowed with a diversity of local arts and ways of living; to the Nimmanhaemin neighborhood, a center for lifestyles and constantly churning with new businesses; to the area around TCDC Chiang Mai, a repository of modern design knowledge; all ready to welcome visitors to see and touch design through a variety of activities, up close and personal.