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Here and There is a cultural exchange program using design to reflect on contemporary culture and to explore the future of traditions. Despite the undeniable fact that internet allows instant connections and research, Here and There aims to bring this network into action, facilitate "learning by going", and discover the possibilities cross-cultural collaboration.

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Here and There invites designers to explore their practice within another community, meeting new people, using local materials, experiencing life in a new location. No project developed under the umbrella of Here and There is the same: each project has its own background, theme, atmosphere and local partners, but they all sprout from a common ground, the emphasis on the importance of cultural exchange.

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Completed projects are exhibited in galleries, cultural institutions and various design weeks, reaching out to a crowd and establish a temporary space where cultural boundaries are blurred by shared appreciation of traditions, contemporary thinking and common ground for future discussions.

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Nowadays we encounter a wide variety of ways in which designers and artists develop projects. This encouraged Here and There to organise workshops as a unique opportunity for designers & general audience alike, to meet international experts sharing their specialised knowledge. In small group activities, the hands-on workshops are powerful methods to facilitate cultural exchange and build networks.

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Here and There offers a stage to acclaimed, well established artists & designers, and new generation of ambitious and enthusiastic creators to personally present their work and approach in making. Welcoming a diverse audience, these lectures aim to inspire, reflect, and to provoke discussion without the limits of country borders.