Here and There is a cultural exchange program that organises and facilitates projects, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, discussions to reflect on contemporary life and to explore the future of traditions. Aware of the importance of increased cultural diversity and wider sharing of values, Here and There aims at setting up a network of international designers and creative practitioners in Europe and Asia, tie a new generation of creative entrepreneurs and offering opportunities to seek for unfamiliar territories for their professional development and to promote intercultural tolerance. 

Here and There tirelessly grows its network and constantly explores new countries & cultures. From its inception, the diverse program of Here and There has encouraged the coming together of different people, from disciplines and cultures to maintain and develop creative trades for artistic, economic, social and cultural purposes. Here and There team believes that creative industries play a key role in knowledge management, identity development, preservation of values, and its potential should be further explored.


Bora Hong 


Bora Hong is a designer and curator, living and working in Berlin. She identifies relevant issues inspired by social or personal experiences and uses design to comment on contemporary design culture by cultural research.

Her extensive experience in organising design culture programs such as Here and There project has lead her to the most distinguished design events in Europe, Thailand and South Korea.

Lidia Vajda

program coordinator

Lidia Vajda’s interest in the cultural and human value of our designed environment has lead her to study Design and Art Theory at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Integrated Design at Köln International School of Design and Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven.

After finishing her studies she moved to Bangkok, Thailand where she works as a freelance cultural producer on various art and design related projects.