Atelier NL - Chiang Mai Vase


Everyday things that most people take for granted. Details that go unnoticed. Traditions that became ordinary habits. The desire to awake consciousness for underestimated values and experiences guides Atelier NL to create objects capable to carry people away, back to their source. Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Ryswyck has an exceptional talent to emphasise the link between raw materials, their origins, and possible new functions. In their project Chiang Mai Vase they researched what materials and craft techniques found in Chiang Mai can reveal about a place and how folklore can exist in our contemporary life.

They visited several workshops and craftsmen in Chiang Mai region and asked them to make a vase inspired by the one they made in the Netherlands. By encouraging all artisans to apply their know-how and change certain attributes of the original vase, each object tells a different story about Thai skills and materials. By sharing their own experience and perspective, Atelier NL reveals how a deeper relationship with materials can improve humanity’s approach to the environment as a whole. The end result is a collection of 14 vases showcasing the talent and tradition on Northern Thailand.

Special thanks to Chiang Mai Celadon, Chatchaiwat Pottery, Wild Mild Art Studio.