Nanu Youttananukorn - Pavilion 330


As a part of Here and There program, Nanu Youttananukorn filled the space within the Chiang Mai's iconic Thapae East red steel park with a temporary bamboo pavilion. This parasitic structure is co-designed by Pantang Studio & Nanu and offers a new perspective on the bare red skeleton by letting people to walk around on the unfinished steel structure. The pavilion emphasises the importance of public space and set to be a meeting point, a discussion space and open air cinema during Chiang Mai Design Week 2016.

Made mainly from locally sourced bamboo, the raised platform is using the Nanu x Bamboo joinery system which allows designers, makers, builders & architects with little to no experience to build freely relying on simple tools such as drill, saw & spanner. The connections between poles are angle variable and when combined together the user are able to create their own structures for various purposes. Nanu x Bamboo system aims to untapped potential of bamboo as construction material previously demanding in terms of skill & cost.    

Special thanks to Thapae East for all their support.