Atelier NL - Mapping Typology workshop at State of Design, Berlin 2017

Date: June 2, 11.00-17.00
Location: Vollgutlager, Berlin

Starting from the principle that design is not just about creating objects, but a process that reveals a hidden world of data, this workshop by Atelier NL offers its participants a methodology that encourages a deeper appreciation of the environment and their own capacities through observation and analysis - on every possible level, from molecular, to historical and cultural- also in order to understand which choices to make, which technique to use, and what shapes to apply. Participants are invited on a personal journey, collecting what they feel naturally attracted to, and exploring, sharing and organising these findings, an adventure that will no doubt reveal as much about the collector as about the objects collected.

Schedule: introduction Atelier NL - collecting stray objects and waste materials - lunch - sharing discoveries and reflect on experience - organising findings in several ways

Workshop - 2nd June