Atelier NL - To See the World in a Grain of Sand, Thailand edition

Atelier NL called upon the local Thai community and tourists to send bottles of sand as a continuation of their ‘To See a World in a Grain of Sand’ project in order to further discuss the importance of natural resources and current glass production methods.

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Studio Makkink & Bey - SML Vases

Every city and country has its own famous icons which is often being transformed into souvenirs. Studio Makkink & Bey worked on new icons for Thailand to celebrate the collaboration between professions, skills, crafts and stories.

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Lucas Maassen - World Wide Work Shop

The World Wide Work Shop’s aim is to give a deeper understanding about the endless cultures existing in the globalised world of today in which every individual human being has its own package of history, present and future.


Lio de Bruin - Daily

Vibrant colours of Bangkok inspired Lio de Bruin to collect everyday objects such as kitchen utensils, packaging, textiles and brooms from the rich markets of the Thai capital. By building a stage Lio’s aim is to acknowledge and empower these functional products.


Margriet Craens - Kip Siam

Since centuries Dutch people explored the world and adapted selected foreign cultural elements in their own everyday life. Margriet (re)introduces the Knorr dish "Kip Siam" in Thailand, a Dutch interpretation of Thai cooking traditions and national taste of the country.


Wandschappen - Crafts Tour

Sa Wa Dee Craft Tour by Wandschappen is an empowerment of shops and skills found near to Chaophraya River. In collaboration with Co van Kessel, design studio Wandschappen researched creative habits and crafts starting from River City on Charoen Krung road.




Daan Botlek  - Wandering

Wandering project is a result of a reversed working method where cut-out installation pieces created various scenes on the streets of Seoul. 


Lucas Muñoz -Eulji-Ro Collection

Eulji-Ro collection features furniture made from leftover manufacturing material and revalued as furniture and illumination pieces by only using packing material. 



Atelier NL - Chiang Mai Vase

Chiang Mai Vaseis a research project collecting materials and craft techniques found in Chiang Mai can reveal about a place and how folklore can exist in our contemporary life. Designers visited several workshops and craftsmen in Chiang Mai region and asked them to make a vase inspired by the one they made in the Netherlands.


Bora Hong - The Beauty of the Beauty Industry

The blind chase of more European looking body image inspired Bora Hong to work on The Beauty of the Beauty Industry is a project, where she observes the Korean and Western influenced Thai beauty culture and compares it design culture. 


Lucas Maassen & Margriet Craens - Elephant Factory

For The Elephant Factory project artists Maassen and Craens set up a fictional factory and collaborated with the animals to make prototypes of the souvenirs. The aesthetics of the objects truly reflect the skills and habits of the elephants: the pressure of their weight, the movement of their tail and trunk are the tools they are specialised to use. 

Nanu Youttananukorn - Pavilion 330

Nanu Youttananukorn filled the space within the Chiang Mai's iconic Thapae East red steel park with a temporary bamboo pavilion. This parasitic structure is co-designed by Pantang Studio & Nanu and offers a new perspective on the bare red skeleton by letting people to walk around on the unfinished steel structure. 

Wandschappen - Silk-Wool Plant Collection

Designers have developed a project which combines Thai silk from the world famous Jim Thompson Silk Company and Holland wool felt. By combining these two local fabrics, designers reflect on the high mobility of societies and the constant cultural exchange of our current times.