The program of In Translation will deal with the city of Seoul in April 2017. The second edition of Here and There invited Bora Hong, Daan Botlek and Lucas Muñoz to do workshops in collaboration with 3 universities, a talk show and an exhibition. 


Bora Hong, Daan Botlek and Lucas Muñoz give 3 lectures and conduct workshops at Gachon University, Hongik University, Korea National University of Arts.

Tools for design translation workshops challenges students to produce ideas on subjects given by invited designers, and are expected to create their own tools, collages, objects to present in front of the whole group.

The main aim of these workshops is encourage Korean students to think out of their comfort zone, to use their hands, furthermore to polish how to share their ideas. 


Talk Show

Artist & designers, Bora Hong, Daan Botlek and Lucas Muñoz explore South Korea for 3 weeks and develop their projects for an exhibition. They share their work experience with the public at Supply Seoul as a talk show. 


The present global communication engine and the huge amount of information that we have at hand, creates the false belief that we can understand foreign cultures by merely doing some google search. But we must agree that there is nothing like direct experience when it comes to engage in depth with a context. Observation shapes the understanding of complex network of relations that happen in between people, natural environment, public space, history, culture, technology and the soul. 

Bora Hong, Daan Botlek and Lucas Muñoz deep dives into South Korean resources, crafts and culture, which research they later reinterpret as new materials, objects and performance.