Studio Makkink & Bey - SML Vases

Every city and country has its own famous icons which is often being transformed into  souvenirs. Studio Makkink & Bey worked on new icons for Thailand to celebrate the collaboration between professions, skills, crafts and stories. At the Here and There exhibition various artists, designers and craftsmen were asked to give interpretation on the blueprint collage of the Bang Rak area, made by students from Silapakorn University. Their input was mounted as cabinets coming in three different sizes, telling diverse stories about thai crafts, skills. The project is a continuation of a curiosity cabinet project in India, which was commissioned at Attese Biennale, di Ceramica nell'Arte Contemporanea and recently sold by auction house Piasa in Paris, France to an art&design collector in Paris.

SML Vases

SML Vases

S Vase

"S" Vase

Bangkok is like a women: sensitive&sophisticated - interpretation of the initial blueprint by Mr. Chanat Wangboonkerd tattoo artist. 

Artist: Mr. Chanat Wangboonkerd (tattoo artist) - drawing

Craft Design: Mrs. Punsiri Sakulwirote - interpretation of traditional porcelain and Thaiyai or Chan embroidery maker

Cabinet Maker : Mr. Nanu Youttananukorn (designer/artist)

Engraving: Ms. Thip Penpayap

"M" Vase

Mr. Nanu Youttananukorn made an old teak wood from original Thai houses and construction wood (hinges). The lily vase is used a lot in/outside the house as a celebration of health & happiness for people & animals.

Artist: Ms Waritsara Juntacut & Mr. Piyasak Khiaosaard (streetartists) - drawing

Craft: Mr. Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch - lily vase from Tao Hong Tai

Cabinet Maker: Mr. Nanu Youttananukorn (designer/artist)

Ceramic Artist: Mr. Wittawat Piyachaiwut - inside Vase

M Vase
L Vase

"L" Vase

The main structure of the large cabinet is made by kite material and celebrates the lightness of being; ‘the kites which are dancing&fighting in the air’.

Artist: Mr. Pilan Kosinanondh

Craft Cabinet: kite maker Mr. Tuk

Craft:  Hmong hilltribe embroidery and Mrs. Punsiri Sakulwirote interpretation of Mr. Pilan Kosinanondh’s painting

Vases: Bamboo – weekend market

Craft: Ms Nuan Tansrisakul- embroidery on bamboo vase