Wandschappen - Crafts Tour

Sa Wa Dee Craft Tour by Wandschappen is an empowerment of shops and skills found near to Chaophraya River. In collaboration with Co van Kessel, design studio Wandschappen researched creative habits and crafts starting from River City on Charoen Krung road. The specially customised bikes take participants in a 3 hour long guided bike tour to experience the richness of the neighbourhood. At the end of the tour participants receive a DIY package as a memory of their findings.

The ‘Memory Tree’ seen at the exhibition is a selection of intriguing materials found during their research and stands as an ode to the Bangkok city life.



The tour invited adventurous participants to cycle around the 'Creative District of Bangkok' and visit a few of the shops and areas that makes this part of city so unique. 


DIY kit

Materials inviting bike tour participants to create their own mini sculpture after the tour as a reminder of their Bangkok experience. 


Memory Tree

The elements of the sculpture are surrealistic signs of very realistic, daily items. The elements are mounted like a growing tree in a shape of hourglass, pointing out the limited time of living we have on Earth.